Russian su-27 fighter intercepted an American spy plane over the Baltic sea

On Tuesday, a Russian fighter jet intercepted in international airspace over the Baltic sea reconnaissance plane, part of the Navy of the United States. Su-27 approached the P-8 at a distance of about 6 meters — such interception is considered to be safe, but unprofessional.

Such incidents are not uncommon. The last time Russian aircraft intercepted the American aircraft over the Black sea, approaching it to a distance of five feet. Frames with su-27 and EP-3 Aries published commander of the naval forces of the United States 6th fleet.

2 months before the Pentagon announced that the su-30 flew at a distance of about 15 meters in front of patrol aircraft of the US Navy P-8A Poseidon, becoming the cause of severe turbulence for the latter.

Interception over neutral waters of the Baltic sea in recent times took place on June 19 last year. At that time, the defense Ministry said that the U.S. RC-135 had two, and one of the «aircraft flew in the direction of the state border of the Russian Federation».