Bill gates rejected a proposal by trump to work for him

Bill gates refused to become scientific Advisor at the presidential administration.

The offer of cooperation billionaire founder of Microsoft got during a recent 40-minute meeting with Donald trump.

Gates said that he doubted seriously whether the President offered him the position: «I didn’t ask this seriously or not. He probably himself did not know. It was a friendly conversation, and the President was acting friendly».

The position of Advisor on science and technology in the White house vacant since the time of the presidency of Barack Obama, when it was occupied by John Holden. After the election trump Holden resigned.

Recall that bill gates and co-founder of search engine Google , Larry page recently announced the grant of $12 billion on research that will allow to create a universal vaccine for any strain of influenza. In addition to funds for vaccine development the winner will receive from sponsors an award in the amount of $0.25 to $2 million.

According to gates, President trump is also very interested in this idea.