Flight Southwest Airlines Chicago to Newark made an unplanned landing because of a broken window

On Wednesday around noon, the plane Southwest Airlines made an unplanned landing because of a broken window. At 11:00 am flight 957 flew out of International airport Chicago midway and went to Newark, but after an hour, the pilot had to request permission to land at the International airport of Cleveland Hopkins.

@SouthwestAir #WN957 diverts and makes emergency landing in CLE due to a busted window pic.twitter.com/OJMZ5KTyMS

— Chaikel (@ChaikelK) May 2, 2018

«Flight Southwest No. 957 deviated from the route and made an emergency landing in Cleveland.»

Fortunately, the aircraft was able to safely land and none of the 76 passengers were not injured.

The airline reported that the Windows consist of several layers of glass, and cracked only the external, adding that landing klassificeret as «unplanned,» not «emergency». The passengers were put on another plane.

Here is more information about a flight that made an unscheduled stop in Cleveland, where no emergency was declared: pic.twitter.com/QIzZiK187j

— Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) May 2, 2018

«More information about the flight that made an unplanned landing in Cleveland.»

Reason cracked glass, still unclear. PE investigates the Federal aviation administration.

Recall that just two weeks ago, similar but more large-scale incident occurred with the flight Southwest Airlines No. 1380 — during a flight from new York to Dallas at the aircraft exploded one of the engines, and part of it knocked the window. In that time 7 people were injured by shrapnel, and one woman died.