The eruption of a volcano in Hawaii: lava reached the village

Hawaiian Kilauea volcano woke up again! Residents of neighborhoods being evacuated due to the approaching lava.

On Wednesday (may 2) near Kilauea seismologists recorded 30 aftershocks, which testified to a possible eruption. Just in recent days there were more than 250 earthquakes, including a magnitude 5.0 jolt near the crater Puu OO. As a result, after six hours in this place there was a flash of lava.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted on Thursday, releasing lava into a residential neighborhood and prompting mandatory evacuation orders for nearby homes:

— The Grand Island Independent (@theindependent) May 4, 2018

«The eruption of the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii erupted on Thursday, releasing lava in a residential area and prompting a mandatory evacuation of nearby houses».

A district spokesperson Hawaii Janet Snyder stated that hot lava appeared in the community Pune on Mohala street in the Leilani Estates neighborhood. The County authorities gave the order to evacuate the territory located off the street up to Luana road Pohohiki.

Governor David IgE has activated the National guard of Hawaii, «to help in the evacuation, and also to protect the community.» He urged residents of the Larger Islands «remain calm» and to continue to monitor the alarms.

Red Cross of Hawaii was opened on the island two emergency shelters in Pahoa and Keau.

The name Kilauea translates from the Hawaiian language as much spreading or pouring. Geological formation located in the national Park «Hawaii-Volcanos» and is considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world.