Arrested members of a gang involved in sex trafficking of women by illegal immigrants from Mexico

Dozens of Mexican women was trafficked to the USA and were victims of the criminal group, which for more than ten years engaged in the sex trade in new York and adjoining States.

Yesterday (may 3) Efren Granados Corona and Emilio Rojas-Romero was extradited from Mexico to new York and joined the six others previously detained accomplices.

Agents of the Ministry of internal security of the United States was investigating the activities of sex traffickers. They found that men with false promises of a romantic nature separated women from their families, transported them to the USA and kept in the apartments, depriving of food.

Women were forced to have sex with 30-40 men a day and were allegedly held against their will.

Prosecutors said that those arrested included the gang that created the multimillion-dollar illegal business, carrying dozens of unsuspecting (adult and juvenile) women from Tenancingo (Mexico) in the neighborhood of a Queens Crown.

All eight men indicted on 23 counts. Each of them can go to prison for life if found guilty.

«It proves that if you are outside USA, it does not mean that you are not vulnerable to the long arm of justice,» said Anthony Scandiffio, acting Deputy assistant Director of ICE’s national security.