14-year-old boy died in gym class in new Jersey

14-year-old student from Somerset, new Jersey, died during a PE lesson. The tragedy happened in high school named Franklin at 500 Elizabeth Avenue at 9:10.

The death of ninth-grader was not preceded by any injury, the boy just passed out the classroom for no apparent reason. School staff immediately called 911, and before the arrival of medical personnel carried out initial CPR.

A young patient was taken to University hospital Robert wood Johnson, but to save him failed — two hours later, a medical facility reported that student heart stopped beating.

Such incidents occur mostly among the military, experiencing significant load during training. So. only in the past six months was recorded in 2 cases: in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. As for American schools, the sudden deaths in physical education classes — a rarity, what n can you say about the CIS countries, where over the last decade was recorded hundreds of relevant incidents. Doctors say the alarming trend of General poor health and sedentary lifestyle of modern teenagers.