Trump has decided to withdraw from nuclear deal with Iran and going to announce the new sanctions

On Tuesday, may 8, Donald trump plans to announce a unilateral US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran and resume sanctions pressure on him. In addition, the American leader is going to impose on this country the new restrictions. This was reported by a reliable source from the entourage of the President, writes The New York Times.

About his decision, Donald trump said in a telephone conversation the President of France Emmanuel Makron to. It is expected that the US will restore the of all sanctionsthat have been cancelled at the time of conclusion of the nuclear agreement, as well as introduce additional restrictions.

According to another source close to the President of America, the deal fell through due to the fact that Iran did not want to abandon nuclear fuel production after 2030. According to the insider, this point was fundamental for Donald trump after refusing Iranian leadership to compromise, the politician has decided to terminate the contract.

The US President is going to announce his choice at 14:00 in Washington. It is likely that in his speech, he also immediately announced the imposition of additional sanctions. According to experts, this decision will strengthen disagreements between America and its allies, which support the nuclear deal with Iran. The leaders of many countries previously publicly urged Donald trump to withdraw from the Treaty in order not to violate stability in the region.