In Brooklyn robber beat to death a well-known Professor of psychology

The evening of may 7 at a house near Stratford Road and Hinckley Place (Brooklyn) was found dead 66-year-old Jeremy D. SAFRAN, a world-renowned Professor of psychology from New School University. Judging by appearance, he died an unnatural death. During the search, was arrested the alleged killer. This was reported today, may 8, representatives of law enforcement agencies in new York.

According to the preliminary version, the attacker entered the home with the purpose of robbery, but in the basement of the building faced the host dwelling. During the struggle the offender struck the man several blows with a heavy objectlike a hammer, as a result of which he died.

The lifeless body of Professor found his wife. She ran outside and began to call for help. The neighbors called the police, who in a few minutes arrived on the scene. In search of the offender the officers began to search the house and soon found him. The robber was hiding in the closet, hoping to hide there until the noise settles.

The murderer was 28-year-old manwhose personal information is not disclosed yet. According to police, he was found a large number of different tools, allegedly used to break into the house. Now the detainee is waiting for arraignment on the fact of murder.

Shocked neighbours Jeremy SAFRAN Express my sympathy to his family. My condolences to the family of a Professor has also brought the leadership of the University, where in recent years he worked, and his colleagues.

«World-renowned psychotherapist Jeremy SAFRAN was deeply respected and admired him at the New School. Jeremy has achieved great success in their work. We are all shocked and are in deep sorrow,» reads the statement by the leadership of the New School.