A man in Florida, commit suicide, accidentally killed the neighbor and the dog

Investigators from the Sheriff’s office Broward County (BSO) trying to piece together a picture of what happened the day before in the town of Tamarack (state of Florida).

May 30 at 8 a.m. a passer-by, sensing a strong smell of gas coming from the townhouse at 7932 Exeter Circle West, called 911.

Almost immediately, the police found in the garage of the dead man with a suicide note. «There was a strong smell of gas. Perhaps the car was left on all night,» — said the press Secretary of BSO ‘s Gina Carter.

Inside the house found two bodies — men and dogs. According to Carter, they died in a freak accident. «Now it [the incident] is categorized as a suicide death due to accident», — said the press Secretary of BSO.

Meanwhile, the situation could be much worse: the other houses were in an extremely dangerous vicinity of an exhaust leak. Firefighters evacuated residents of the nearby townhouses. However, nobody else got hurt.

According to BSO, the man who committed suicide, was a 64-year-old Michael Payson. His roommate, identified as 72-year-old Thomas Boyle.

Recall that the double suicide was committed in may in Manhattan. 46-year-old former Playboy model Stephanie Nicholas jumped out of the window of a tall building together with 7-year-old son. Both died.

Suicide by fumes unfortunately and unintentionally kills the second occupant of a #Tamarac home @Telemundo51 @GuillermoGT51 pic.twitter.com/1q9JjqyWpX

— JRodriguez (@JRodzMIA) May 30, 2018