Shooting at a football game in Dallas: 5 wounded

Last night, June 3, a football match in Juanita Craft Recreational Center in Dallas (state of Texas) ended with the shooting. At least 5 people were injured, including a pregnant woman.

After the match, several people opened fire on the audience. And the terrified people scattered in all directions. According to the police, a pregnant woman with a gunshot wound to the chest was urgently taken to hospital. The doctors had to give her an emergency C-section to save the baby’s life. At the moment with a newborn is all right, but his mother is in critical condition.

Among the victims is a woman and 2 men wounded in the leg, and 1 woman with a wound to the head. Police rendered first aid until medics arrive. Then the victims were taken to the hospital. About their condition is not known.

The gunman managed to escape. Now the company is actively searching for their detention. It is assumed that there were two shooters, but their signs were not disclosed. The motive and the mental state of the attackers is not known.