In California, a pit bull named Sasha saved family from fire

Early Sunday morning, 3 June, in one of the buildings four-storey complex on East Yorkshire Drive in Stockton (California) fire started, according to pix11.

Family living in this building, managed to leave the building only thanks to the 8-month-old pit bull named Sasha.

When the fire was already covered part of the four-story building on East Yorkshire Drive, dog walking in the yard, suddenly started strongly to bark and rush to the back door.

«I opened the door and she started barking at me like crazy. Then I realized that something was wrong, it was weird and quite unlike her usual behaviour,» — said the owner of the dog Nana of Chichanha.

Then Nana ran to the bedroom to pick up his 7-month-old daughter, and saw the pit bull trying to steal the baby from the bed, holding a diaper. After that, they together managed to leave the house. The fire brigade arrived at the scene within minutes after received a 911 call, but flames reached the attic of my Nana’s house, and now her house is uninhabitable.

At Stockton family is crediting their eight-month-old pitbull with Sasha saving them by waking them up and grabbing the baby by the diaper when their house caught on fire

— Tom Miller (@KCRAMiller) June 8, 2018

«The Stockton family is grateful for the rescue during a fire his 8-month-old pit bull Sasha, awakened them and pulled the child out of the house for a diaper».

Now the cast of Chichanha live with his family and says he is very grateful to his dog for her fearless act. The woman said that he hopes to make a little change negative people’s attitude to Pitbull its history.

«I owe her everything. If she doesn’t, I still would lay in bed and could react when it was too late,» said Chikanda. It was one of those rare days when the dog stayed overnight in the yard and perhaps this also played a role in their salvation.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, the fire Department of Stockton reported on the ongoing investigation.