Losing the status of party to the DACA, the teenager faced deportation to Mexico. 3 weeks later he was killed

19-year-old Manuel Antonio Cano-Pacheco, the eldest of four siblings, arrived in the U.S. with their parents-illegals 3 years of age.

In 2015, a teenager from des Moines (state of Iowa) became a member of a program called «deferred action for child immigrants», in other words, DACA, which provided temporary protection to undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. According to Immigration and customs enforcement United States (U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — ICE), Cano-Pacheco received the status of DACA, and with it the work permit.

According to friends and relatives, this boy went on the decline after almost three years ago, his father was sent to prison for case involving drugs.

«He had really terrible depression — he told his friend Juan Verduzco edition of the Des Moines Register. His business was bad. I didn’t know what to do with it».

The Cano-Pacheco started a drinking problem, he had to change school and start working, when his girlfriend gave birth to a son. Then the guy was arrested and twice convicted of drug possession. It deprived him of his DACA status, and in 2017 he was arrested by ICE agents.

Two months ago, the teenager faced the possibility of deportation and voluntarily decided to go back to Mexico, stressed the representative of ICE.

According to the pastor from des Moines who is familiar with the family instead of trying to finish high school in Iowa, he returned to a country of cruel orders, where he almost didn’t know anyone.

Three weeks after arrival in Mexico Cano-Pacheco was killed: his throat was cut when he had lunch with a friend of his cousin, his family and friends.

Even before the deadly incident, the relatives in Iowa, worried about his safety, because the media is full of stories about how the deported people from the US are attacked by Mexican gangs.

Representative ICE Sean Neubauer confirmed that Cano-Pacheco was not deported. The guy was taken from US voluntarily, it means that he could at any moment return. But the publication of the Des Moines Register underscores that the guy essentially had no choice: he could be deported forcibly or he could leave voluntarily. He chose the latter option.

Manuel Antonio Cano-Pacheco was almost finished with high school when he was sent back to Mexico from Iowa.

The 19-year-old, who had been living in the U. S. since he was 3, was killed in Mexico three weeks later. https://t.co/NcFSgwFuxa pic.twitter.com/nXFXfOkhkT

— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) On June 8, 2018

«Manuel Antonio Cano-Pacheco almost finished with high school when he was sent back to Mexico from Iowa.

19-year-old guy who lived in the US since 3 years, was murdered in Mexico in three weeks.»