In new York children were in a fatal accident in a stolen car, at the wheel was a girl of 15 years

June 8 near Freeport (long island), there was a terrible accident. The driver of the car brand Chevy at high speed lost control, after which the car rolled over several times. Inside the vehicle this time there were 10 teenagers, and was driving a 15 year old girl. Three of them died, the other seven were hospitalized with injuries of different severity. Among the injured 8-month-old baby.

According to available information, the car was stolen on Roosevelt island the day before the tragedy. The police did not manage to find a car in hot pursuit, and on Friday, it was spotted on one of the highway of long island. In the car were 10 people, including an infant. Witnesses claim the vehicle before the accident, some times sharply was acceleratedand it was obvious that the driver is behaving inappropriately.

According to officers of the NYPD, was driving a 15 year old girl, which became the culprit. She has created an emergency situation on the road and, in the end, lost control. The car at high speed swerved to the left, which it turned. After several somersaults, the car ended up on the roadside, a few children threw it out.

Two teenagers died instantly, the third died on the way to the hospital. Other participants were urgently hospitalized. They received various injuries, and while physicians do not presume to comment on their condition.

Now the police establishes the identity of the victims and finds out how 15-year-old girl was driving a stolen car. NYPD checks involvement in the abduction of transport relatives from the accident adolescents.