«Enraged» the garbage truck in Brooklyn was demolished 9 cars and a few trees

Early on the morning of June 9, the driver of a garbage truck company Viking Sanitation lost control in Bensonhurst (state of new York). The truck blew at least 9 cars parked along the street, some trees, a road sign and ended up crashing into a house.

The incident occurred at 5.30 am, according to CBS. 40-year-old Anthony Castaldo performed his seemingly usual work. But down to 60th Street, between 18th and 19th Avenues, he suddenly lost control of the car and a heavy truck at high speed began to crush everything that came towards him.

According to witnesses, they haven’t even seen in the movies.

Only a miracle because of the «mad» of the truck nobody has suffered.

A drunk garbage truck driver in #Brooklyn, New York, left a trail of destruction, plowing into 9 cars, police said. ABC #NYC pic.twitter.com/s1ooBgfi12

— Trad American Angel™ (@RightWingAngel) June 10, 2018

As soon as the truck stopped, Castaldo allegedly in an alcohol intoxication, tried to flee but was detained by police on 59th Street. The man filed a number of charges, including resisting arrest. In your if shift Castaldo worked, will establish a consequence.

According to one of the witnesses Shane Durando, before and after the arrest, when the police sat Castaldo in his patrol car, he was «completely desorientado, it seemed, he had no idea what I did».

Out of control Garbage Truck in #Brooklyn this morning at 18th Ave & 59 St. pic.twitter.com/EIZix9TeZg

— NYCFireWire (@NYCFireWire) June 9, 2018

In may we reported about the crimes of an employee in another private company for waste collection — Sanitation Salvage, committed on the garbage truck 2 hitting. Then, unfortunately, the miracle did not happen: 2 people were killed.