Marilyn Monroe insulted the feelings of believers in Connecticut

Park Stamford (Connecticut) in the framework of Art in Public Places moved 8-foot statue of Marilyn Monroe. In his famous pose from the film «seven year Itch» («The Seven Year Itch», 1955) the legendary blonde stood exactly opposite the entrance to the First congregational Church (First Congregational Church).

Giant film star catches the eyes of everyone who leaves the Church. Some members have already expressed their outrage. The location is huge, weighing 30 thousand pounds, the statue in front of temple and its very pose — naked backside to him — they called not just inappropriate, and insulting the feelings of believers.

Estátua de Marilyn Monroe com calcinha à mostra perto de igreja gera polêmica nos EUA

— Hugo Leonardo (@hugoleomarques) June 10, 2018

Most of the parishioners have not yet seen the controversial statue, because it was installed on Monday, June 4. Maureen Matthews, attending the First Congregational Church, loyal attitude to art installations, but he agreed that some believers who will attend today’s Sunday service, probably offend a new view from the steps of the Church.

About the irrelevance of the statue in a public Park expressed by ordinary citizens. So, Laurie Vestibule said that it was embarrassing to watch, like little children trying to climb the legs of Monroe and look under flying skirt.

A few facts about the statue Monroe

The author of the sculpture ForeverMarilyn — famous American artist and sculptor Seward Johnson. It was established in 2011 and installed in Chicago. Despite the popularity of the statue among tourists, residents were not too happy her. According to them, the song turned out to be extremely tasteless, and irrelevant to their city had, after all, the movie with the famous scene sang new York.

The episode with Monroe, which stands above the subway ventilation grates, Flirty trying to keep usmivki up the hem of the dress, just wanted to shoot Manhattan. However, the actress kept forgetting the text and thus disrupted the takes. The Director had to reshoot the scene in the pavilion, no knocks Marilyn whistling and hooting of the onlookers.

In 2012 a statue of Monroe still was taken from Chicago and installed in the California palm springs, where the mansion of the stars of the 1960s.