The pilot of JetBlue company accidentally told the dispatcher JFK airport about the hijacking

The emergency occurred on Tuesday evening, June 26, at the international airport. Kennedy. There right before sending 1623 flightbound for Los Angeles, the remote controller has received a coded message about the seizure of the aircraft. Awasuno owned by JetBlue and JFK when employees tried to figure out the details of the incident, it turned out that the flight is no connection. An emergency responded immediately law enforcement services surrounded the plane and prepare for the worst.

Some time later, contacted the pilot and stated that it was a false alarm. He had problems with the radio, and then he tried to send the Manager of the appropriate code warning. However, the man made a mistake and accidentally sent a message about the capture of an aircraft. The staff of the JFK decided not to risk it. They ordered the crew to stop off and wait for the check.

«It made all of them nervous. Most police officers and firefighters working at the airport, I have never encountered a theft in real life» — said one of the officers.

Immediately after receiving the alarm, the plane arrived all possible services, ranging from ambulance and ending spectracom dogs. Awasuno fully checked, and its pilot was forced to give explanations. In addition, an emergency has caused delay in the running of other flights and people have been forced to wait when the situation will be resolved.

As for the passengers of flight 1623, their takeoff was delayed for 4 hours and they arrived at the airport Los Angeles only at 2.30 am. The airline issued a press release in which it explained the reasons for the delay, apologizing to its customers. While it is unknown whether applied any measures against the pilot of the plane.

Recall that at the beginning of the year, the company JetBlue paid each employee $1 thousand. This was done in view of the adoption of the tax plan presented by the President of the United States.