How to kill luck: 5 stories about the death after winning the lottery

On 11 June in his apartment in the Bronx was found dead of multiple blows with a knife in the neck 73-year-old Owen Dillard. Signs of forced entry in the apartment detectives found. It is known that six months ago, Dillard won the lottery of$50 thousand. The nephew of the dead man, 45-year-old Idris Abdul-Muhaymin, not yet considered a suspect, but the police have declared him a «person of interest».

Under the terms of the lotteries, winners are required to participate in press conferences, and their names should be published. This is done in order to convince those who believe that «all bought» and to prove that hitting a jackpot each.

However, the latter-day rich going public sometimes brings a lot of troubles. And for some winning becomes a death sentence.

1. Thanks Rodney

The life of Geoffrey Dampie changed after 1996, he won the lottery $20 million. The man opened his case and generous gifts to friends and relatives. So, my wife’s sister Victoria Jackson, with which, Dample were once novel, received as a gift apartment. Sister-in-law this was not enough — together with her boyfriend Nathaniel, she decided to Rob the son-in-law.

The greedy couple had kidnapped the man, but the robbery did not stop. Under pressure accomplice Victoria relative shot in the head. In 2006 a woman was arrested and sentenced to 3 life conclusions.

2. Buried in concrete

In 2006, the purchase of a lottery ticket brought to Abraham Shakespeare, an incredible amount for this — $30 million. After 2 years in the life of a wealthy trucker appeared a kind of Doris Moore. Posing as «financial consultant», she gained the confidence to male and gradually transferred all of his money. The client found out about it and threatened the swindler’s murder — she decided to play in advance.

The body of the murdered Shakespeare found under the casted concrete pad in the back yard of one of private houses plant city, Florida. Later it turned out that the house belonged to the boyfriend of Doris Moore. The woman was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

3. Dreams dashed cyanide

In 2012, the 46-year-old Uruj Khan could not believe his luck when one of them bought a shop in Chicago tickets were winning. Witnesses said that the man jumped up and shouted: «one Million! I won a million!»

Khan has already anticipated how to invest the winnings in a business network of dry cleaners. Unfortunately, these bright plans will not come true. The story, begun so happily, was a tragic finale. In a few weeks, not having to collect your winnings, Khan died from a lethal dose of cyanide. Poisoners are still not found.

4. Evil in disguise

In 2015 , Gregory Burch, Jr. hit the jackpot — $434 thousand. After 2 months in the house to «lucky man» broke in 7 people in masks. The man was killed with a shotgun, his girlfriend and children of the murderer spared. The police managed to arrest all suspects, including 2 girls, — all of them were from 17 to 27 years.

5. Death in the Parking lot

5 June 2018 in Cleveland (Ohio) in the Parking lot of the pub was shot and killed 37-year-old Isaac Carson, Jr., the father of 2 children.

Just a week before the tragedy, the man won $50 thousand. in a scratch lottery. He managed to get the money to pay its creditors and to pay part of the winning mothers, daughters and best friend.