In Jersey has banned plastic bags

The city Council of Jersey city voted for a resolution forbidding stores to use plastic bags.

The purpose of the ban is to reduce plastic pollution waste water and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Stores will be required to provide paper bags or reusable bags made of textile otherwise will face fines. The business owners have a year to go from plastic to eco-friendly packaging. For violation of the law provides for a penalty of $100.

Jersey is not the first city that refused plastic bags. A similar law was already approved in Teaneck, as well as in Monmouth beach and point pleasant beach.

From the plastic particularly affected the coastal waters of new Jersey. According to National Geographic, each year in the ocean catch of 18 billion pounds (8,16 million tons) of plastic. He also becomes the cause of death of inhabitants of the sea.

At present, legistlature passes a bill according to which customers wishing to use plastic bags, have to pay 5 cents.