In Brooklyn car crashed into a tree: 5 wounded, one in critical condition

The accident occurred this morning, July 4, on Flatbush Avenue, in the southeastern part of Brooklyn Marine Park.

According to police, the car brand Nissan Altima, which contained 5 people, crashed into a tree. As a result dorozhno-transport incident seriously injured 24-year-old man. In critical condition he was taken to Lutheran Medical Center.

The driver (21), passenger (23 years old), who was riding in the front seat, and 2 women were taken to Kings County Hospital. Their injuries were minor.

As a source told Eyewitness Newsthat 3 men are active military service and at the time of the accident were fired.

The police at the scene investigating the cause of the accident.

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There is evidence of congestion on Flatbush Avenue to the North of the Belt Parkway.

In new York car accidents happen almost every day, and Brooklyn is no exception. In March in the borough there was a terrible accident: the driver ran over 3 people — a pregnant woman and 2 children.