Observatory in new Mexico has been closed for a week — but not because of the aliens. Honestly.

On Friday, September 14, Director of the National solar Observatory in Sanspot (nm) James Macateer denied the rumors that the building a week ago was closed in connection with the discovery of aliens.

To let in the building not only visitors, but members of the law enforcement officers stopped on September 6th. When the Observatory will open again is unknown. The representative of the Association of universities for research in astronomy (Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy — AURA) stated that «nothing has changed, the object remains closed».

Over the past week from the building of the Observatory was taken out of the equipment moreover, here was raided by the FBI. The reason for their visit — «safety problem» — was the stage for various speculation. Some have argued that the Observatory accidentally intercepted military signals. Others did not doubt that the staff of the institution, watching the Sun found proof of alien life, in particular of the existence of aliens from the planet Nibiru.

And James Macateer dispelled a fantastic version of the closure of the research facility. In an interview with local TV channel he said that no alien creatures, the telescope of the Observatory is not recorded, and all observations will be published in its original form. According to the Professor, his staff have nothing to hide.

In addition, Macehiter said that to detect aliens with an ordinary telescope installed in the Observatory, is impossible, because «any alien beings in our Universe are likely to be microbiological». In fact, no observation of a «mythical planet» Nibiru is not conducted, the Director of the Observatory.

Debunked, Maketer and rumors about «killer solar storm». According to him, the emissions of magma in the Sun is not an extraordinary phenomenon, they occur regularly, so withholding information about the next solar storm does not become the goal of the activities of the security forces.

For some reason, in the closure of the solar Observatory were employees of the FBI, the Director of the Observatory in new Mexico do not know — no documents was not provided. However, James Macateer urged the public to trust the intelligence agencies not to panic about the discovery of the aliens from Nibiru, which actually does not exist.

Despite the claims of Makatura, supporters of the «conspiracy theory» believe that the scientists of the Observatory deny it under pressure from the FBI, the researchers collected while little information, because the aliens were discovered recently.

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