Missing 6-year-old, an autistic boy was found dead under mysterious circumstances

Representatives of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) today, September 27, announced the sad news regarding the missing boy from Gastonia (North Carolina). Around 13:00 local time, the police found the child’s body in the Creek located 6 km from the Park Rankin Lake Park, where the stories of his father gone Maddox rich. Now the circumstances of the death of the child found out, and his loss has acquired a lot of questions.

The baby’s father Ian rich argues that the boy with the syndrome of autism ran away from him during a walk in the Park. However, the employee Rankin Lake Park refutes the words of men. Rick Fox, who has worked in this place for about three years, stated that it has doubts about the veracity of the testimony of the father of the baby.

«I worked there for almost three years, and I see almost everyone who comes in and out of the Park. I have never seen this boy,» said Rick Fox.

Missing 6-year-old, an autistic boy was found dead under mysterious circumstances
Officer Rankin Lake Park noticed that Jan rich not particularly worried because of the loss of Maddox. Photo: FBI

In addition, according to the parks, Ian rich spoke to him only an hour after the loss of a baby. Father allegedly tried to find the boy alone, but in the end, decided to call for help. Fox traveled to Rankin Lake Park and in the process search of the child called 911. The man also said that Yan rich are not particularly worried about the disappearance of Maddox, what can be said about his mother. When she arrived at the Park, I was in a panic and didn’t know where to go.

At the same time the FBI said they have evidence of the presence of the boy in the Park that day. Agency officials refused to describe in detail the evidence and said the investigation is ongoing.

Father Maddox rich, in turn, argues that the child just ran away from him. Ian was the last person who saw the baby for the two men alive. The man said that the boy was in 10 meters away from him, and then started to run away. My father was not able to catch up with Maddox because aches to diabetes.

Ian admits that he didn’t call the police, but justified that he did it only because I was hoping to find the child himself. A man can’t imagine how the kid turned out to be 6 kilometers from Rankin Lake Park.

Now militiamen should find out how the boy died, and if someone of the people to his death.


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