7-year-old girl magically sang the US national anthem has become an Internet sensation

Californian, Malia Emma Chandrawinata won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of spectators, singing before a football match the national anthem of the United States. That night in Los Angeles played Los Angeles Galaxy and Seattle Sounders. The hosts won with the score 3:0, and little at one point became an Internet celebrity.

Vocals young talent engaged in 6 years — Yes, years! The girl was already invited to perform in Carnegie hall and the Hollywood bowl, and now she’s got an audience of millions of fans, singing the national anthem at the stadium.

Singing is not easy, admits Malea, for this we have a lot of work. Before each performance she worries too much, trying to sing a song in the best way. Parents support daughter, making sure that she attended all the rehearsals, but not overtired.

After all the interviews on TV today, now everyone knows that my only wish is to sing with @xtina. The question is… Does Christina Aguilera know? Hopefully… 😃😍 pic.twitter.com/hg046M5YJW

— Malea Emma (@MaleaEmma) September 25, 2018

Malia Emma: «After all of today’s interviews on TV everyone knows that my only desire is to sing with Christina. The only question is… does this herself Christina Aguilera. I really hope…»

In addition to singing, the girl loves football and watches every game of your favorite team Los Angeles Galaxy. After sensational performances at the home stadium of the club of the legendary athlete Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who plays for LSG, wrote on Twitter that Malea — «the most valuable player of the team.»

A minor celebrity, who had to give many interviews to leading American media, posted on Twitter his video, noting it Christina Aguilera. According to the girl, her dream is to one day perform with his idol on the same stage.

Of course, Christina Aguilera just couldn’t ignore a gifted child and published a post with a young colleague. Apparently, the Americans soon will see a new star Duo.


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