The father of an infant found on a busy highway, was accused of neglect of a child

The man from new Jersey charged after the driver noticed his child crawling along a busy highway on September 22.

About 6 PM passing on Joe Parker Road 41-year-old Corey cannon of Eatontown saw a baby that had crossed the double yellow lane.

«I was driving his truck on the way to another job and saw something in the street. I wasn’t exactly sure what it is, — the eyewitness told. — So I started to slow down. So I was able to slow down behind me. By the way, it could even harm the car, not to mention the child. When I saw that baby crawling on my knees, I blocked the traffic and was in the middle of the street. Then I got out of the truck and took pictures».

Before the arrival of police to the cannon was approached by a local resident and returned the child to the family.

«I do not consider myself a hero, says the man. I just feel I did the right thing at the right time».

Yesterday (September 28) evening, the infant’s father, 41-year-old Eugene Dorman, surrendered to the police Department of Lakewood. He was charged with abuse/neglect to the child. The man was released, but he will have to appear at the appointed court date.