U.S. marshals found 123 missing children during the special operation to combat trafficking in persons

More than 100 missing children were found unharmed during the RAID, which was conducted in late September in Michigan , the U.S. marshals Service.

As reported in a press-Department service, one day in Wayne County found 123 minors unaccounted for.

All marshals in the operation MISafeKid involved 301 file on missing children. The fate of the others is still unknown.

The special operation was aimed at combating human trafficking. It is known that in several cases of sale of children into sexual slavery were confirmed. There is no information about the arrests during the operation.

After MISafeKid the marshals Service received a message about a possible sale into sexual slavery of children in Texas and Minnesota. Now these cases are actively being investigated.

«The main thing is we want to say missing children and their families that will never cease to look for them,» said the Agency.

The operation also were involved: police Michigan, police Department of Detroit and the national center for missing and exploited children.