Knight-Reconstructor died, having pierced himself with a spear during a speech

A historical re-enactor from Virginia accidentally pierced himself with a spear during a performance and died shortly afterwards.

Reenactors, tend to focus on recreating a particular historical period. So 53-year-old Peter Barclay participated in a horse riding performance in Williamstown (Kentucky) over the weekend.

According to John Fulton, the brother of the deceased and President of the promoter Society for Creative Anachronism, Peter on horseback tried to pierce a metal spear, a paper plate, which was lying on the ground.

The tip of the spear touched the ground, and then the gun suddenly turned in the hands of the knight, and pierced his chest.

«We have never had injuries on the field. All who knew him, shocked. He was always careful, attentive to detail and very experienced in handling the spear,» said Fulton.

Gulf Wars, SCA 2018Photo Credit: Riddlemoser Photography

Posted by Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) on Monday, April 2, 2018

Peter Barclay died on the way to the hospital. It is known that he was a retired army officer. He is survived by a wife and two daughters. The death has been ruled an accident, and in the Society for Creative Anachronism said that it was continuing the investigation of the tragedy that, in future, to avoid even the slightest possibility of its recurrence.