The number of victims «Michael» has grown to 17, and remain without electricity 1.5 million people

After the hurricane Michael is extremely dangerous, 4th in the «crashed» in Florida, a few days later went to the ocean as petrovicescu cyclone.

The most powerful hurricane in the US for 14 years, which lacked a little to reach the most dangerous of the 5th category, inflicted disastrous blows on Panhandle, destroying homes and sweeping away everything in its path. Even weakened to a tropical storm, «Michael» brought heavy rains that led to flooding of territories in Virginia and Carolina, had not yet recovered after the storm «Florence».

View from my room. Window blew out — flooding stunning. Panama City. #hurricanemichael2018

— David Muir (@DavidMuir) October 10, 2018

«The view from my apartment. Window damaged — the incredible flooding. Panama City».

Some of the most affected districts are on the Northwest Gulf coast, including Bay, Franklin, Gulf, Taylor, and Wakulla. Currently more than 1.5 million people were left without electricity.

Carolinas customers: high winds have toppled trees and brought down power lines as a result of #Michael. Stay away from fallen or sagging power lines — consider all lines dangerous. Thousands of workers are responding across both states. Get the latest:

— Duke Energy (@DukeEnergy) October 12, 2018

«Michael» also resulted in several tornadoes, including one that damaged a dozen homes in Crawford County in Georgia.

On Friday (October 12) morning at the press conference, Brock long, a spokesman for the Federal emergency management Agency (Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA), said that the death toll is expected to rise in the next few days, as rescuers still have not reached some of the most affected areas.

Here is a list of victims, «Michael», which is known at the moment:

  • Four people died in the County of Gadsden, state of Florida.
  • In Georgia 11-year-old Sarah Radni was killed when part of the metal awning fell on the trailer her family and hit her on the head.
  • In Virginia, drowned 5 people, including one firefighter Lieutenant brad Clark, who helped on the site of a car accident.
  • In North Carolina, 38-year-old man died due to tree falling on his car.
  • Two deaths related to the hurricane, were also recorded in this state, but the reasons have not yet been reported.
  • Another body was discovered in Mexico beach (FL) — the city that virtually erased from the face of the earth.

This is what 98 looks like from my viewpoint inside Summer House On 23rd Street in Mexico Beach. This condo building we are in sustained very little damage. Can’t say the same for homes in the distance that were washed away. Such a sad scene.

— Ginger Zee (@Ginger_Zee) November 10, 2018

«Looks like [the route] 98 with my review of Summer House on 23rd Street in Mexico beach. This condominium development have received very little damage. You can’t say the same about the houses that were washed away. Such a sad picture.»

  • The Sheriff’s office Jackson County (Florida) also reported on the three victims, but did not specify the cause of death.