A large-scale accident in California: crashed bus

On Sunday 14 October in the afternoon local time on the 405 freeway in North hills (the valley San Fernando, CA) bus collided with a car and crashed into the dividing concrete barrier, prompting several accidents on both sides of the highway, according to ABC7.

The specialists of the Fire Department of Los Angeles (Los Angeles Fire Department — LAFD) immediately blocked both directions of the freeway near Nordhoff Street: firefighters had to assist people promptly and to clear the entire area from the scattered wreckage of cars. It was established more than 40 victims. 25 were sent to nearby hospitals, 5 of them (3 women and 2 men aged from 30 to 88 years) received in a serious condition, the report said LAFD.

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Posted by Los Angeles Fire Department on Sunday, October 14, 2018

At 13:00, 14 October 2018 fire Department Los Angeles responded to a reported collision on South highway 405 to Nordhoff. Incidents on the freeway is extremely dangerous not only for those involved but also for first responders and witnesses. Upon arrival, firefighters found debris scattered on both sides of the motorway, which immediately blocked the road. Captain II rank (battalion commander), Roy Paige requested additional resources and initiated the use of the MCI system. This organizational system conducive to effective, coordinated treatment/transfer of patients to nearby medical facilities. The first arriving ambulance LAFD opens the radio communication with the Medical alert center (MAC), to determine which hospitals will receive patients, how many can take and their corresponding conditions. This should be closely coordinated, because hospitals can be quickly overwhelmed if they go too many patients. An incident of this magnitude requires focused work together to ensure that all patients have been placed, the observer is safely isolated, and the traffic was under control. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has been a vital partner in the scene: he ensured that no one left on the freeway was injured during our work. Firefighters were diagnosed with more than 40 patients, 25 were transported. Five adults, ranging in age from 30 to 88 years, were transported in serious condition. Three of them were classified as patients with serious regards to the damage caused not due to the visible injuries, and based on the severity of the resulting impact (mechanism of injury) in accordance with the Protocol of the Department of health County of Los Angeles. Another 20 patients were transported with minor injuries. The cause of the collision is set to the CHP.

Soon the strip to the North was re-opened, but the movement on them was delayed because of debris on the road. Lanes southbound were closed for several hours after the accident.

It is established that the accident suffered by private bus, which was carrying 37 people from a Church Forum in Inglewood. It is reported that the bus first collided with a car on the North side, and then breaking the concrete divider in the center, flew to the other side and there, crashing into several cars stopped.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP-Chico) sets the cause of the accident.