Brooklyn witches have conspired to curse Cavanaugh

And it’s not a metaphor! The occult book shop in Bushwick (Brooklyn) planned public magic event, where participants will cast a curse on nowodworskiego Supreme court justice, USA Brett Cavanaugh.

As told by Dakota Bracciali, the owner of the shop Catland Books and organizer of the punitive ritual, cursed are generally all «rapists», but Cavanaugh is, so to speak, in the spotlight.

«He will be a Central but not the only target, so gather all your rage, — stated in the invitations for the event, which will take place on October 20. — Witchcraft will help do justice to those of us who were oppressed by people like Cavanaugh».

«We want to resist. This event is for victims of sexual violence who do not want to be silent and don’t want Brett Cavanaugh was one of the symbols of justice. We show people that they are not alone, that even witches emerge from the shadows to stop all this,» said Dakota Bracciale.

Recall, Cavanaugh during hearings on his nomination to the Supreme court of the United States Cavanaugh denied multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

Earlier in Catland Books «were sent to» curse and Donald Trump.

Tickets for the event cost $10 — half of the proceeds will go to charity.