In the Bronx the store owner with one shot killed unarmed robber

Ended tragically for a 32-year resident of new York attempted to Rob a shop in the Bronx.

Despite the fact that the man was not carrying a weapon, the owner of the store took no chances and used his gun. In the incident the offender was fatally wounded and died before arrival of physicians.

According to the police Department of new York (NYPD), October 21, at about 22:30 local time, 32-year-old Daniel Meeks entered the store J Market, located at Morrison Avenue. The proprietor at this time was behind the counter. The man immediately drew attention to the newly appeared client, because he was acting suspiciously.

In the Bronx the store owner with one shot killed unarmed robber
The offender tried to climb over the counter, for which he received a bullet in the head. Photo: NYPD

A few moments later the perp jumped to the seller and demanded money. When the host J Market refused to obey, Meeks tried to climb over the counter. At the same moment he received a bullet in the head.

The store owner was afraid that the guy might be carrying a gun and decided not to risk it. He used a hidden gun, fatally wounding the robber. After that the man the Manager called 911 and told them what had happened.

Arrived at the scene, police interviewed the owner and reviewed surveillance video. Law enforcement officials confirmed: Miix tried to commit a robbery. However, officers didn’t find a weapon, and after asking the owner of J Market found that he had no sufficient reason to believe that the intruder has a gun.

However, since the unfortunate criminal really wanted to Rob the store, the police are not going to indict his master. Officers noted that the man was legally in possession of weapons and have used them in self-defense.

Now militiamen continue to investigate the circumstances of the crime, but, apparently, the actions of the entrepreneur were completely legitimate.


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