«It will be worse than September 11»: the suspect in the case of homemade bombs was threatened with bombings

Possible the sender of explosive devices, a 56-year-old Cesar Sayoko, threatened to blow up the utility company in Florida and said that «it will be worse than September 11».

According to police reports, Miami, in 2002, the Yok was called Florida Power and Light Co (FP&L) and threatened to blow up the building if the company will return him to power. He also stated representative of FP&L, he was ready to personally apply physical force to him.

«It will be worse than September 11,» said Sayoko, according to the police report.

In court, the man confessed to the crime, for which he received a year of suspended sentence. However, this was not the only arrest. First he had to deal with law enforcement when he was 29 years old. Then he was arrested for theft.

The involvement of the Yok to send explosives managed to install the fingerprint found on the envelope that was sent to the house of representatives, Maxine waters.

During today’s press conference related to the case of bombs, the attorney General Jeff sessions said that the Yok is faced with five Federal charges:

  • Interstate transportation of explosives.
  • Illegal shipping of explosives.
  • Threats against former presidents and others.
  • The threat of interstate communication.
  • The attack on current and former Federal officers.

According to and Roman sessions, Yok faces up to 58 years in prison.

«I want to re-state that the accused in this case to innocent until his guilt is proved», — said the Prosecutor General after the description of the charges. Sessions are not informed about the possible motive of the offender and noted that he did not know why the goal was just the Democrats.

Daniel Aaronson, a lawyer who for many years represented the suspect, said none of his customers were «so polite and courteous», as the Yok. The defender added that he never discussed his political views with a man. According to Aaronson, it’s hard to believe that Sayoko could do that.