In Yosemite, two people died after falling from the cliff-Taft point

The tragic incident occurred on the cliff-Taft point is one of the popular tourist attractions of Yosemite national Park. A man and a woman were found dead at the foot of the cliff last Thursday, October 25.

As told the representative of the administration, the bodies were discovered by the tourists, then the findings were sent to the Rangers. At the moment the causes of the tragedy are unknown as at the time of the incident there were witnesses. In addition, when the falling body of people badly mutilated, and the result is painstaking work to restore the full picture of a fatal accident.

In Yosemite, two people died after falling from the cliff-Taft point

Taft point is a very popular rock, located at an altitude of over 2 km and offers a beautiful view of the beauty of Yosemite national Park, among them the famous mountain El Capitan. This is one of the largest monolithic rocks in the world.

Unfortunately, tragic incidents in this area are not uncommon. 16 may 2015 here killed two athlete extreme, who decided to descend from the rock using a wingsuit, also known as wing suit. During the flight 43-year-old Dean Potter and 29-year-old Graham hunt dangerously close to the rock, and, not calculating the forces, crashed into a rock. Both drivers died on the spot.

It is also worth noting that in Yosemite fatal falls occur each year. In 2018, has already recorded 10 fatal incidents.


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