10-year-old girl from Wisconsin is accused of murder of a baby

A terrible case is considered by the district court in Wisconsin.

On the dock was a little girl, which is accused of premeditated murder of 6-month-old baby. Law enforcement authorities believe she was trampled at the baby’s head, causing him fatal injuries. The Prosecutor admits that the young murderer will be tried as an adult.

According to law enforcement, October 30, at about 16:30 local time, from an orphanage in Tilden (Wisconsin) received a call about the emergency. Arrived on the scene medics and police found the body of 6-month old baby with no signs of life. There were signs of a violent death, because the child has become aware of a serious head injury.

10-year-old girl from Wisconsin is accused of murder of a baby
Law enforcement assured the girl several times stepped on the baby’s head, causing him fatal injuries. Photo: Youtube

The suspect initially claimed that just took the baby and accidentally dropped it. The culprit of incident has long denied that he inflicted the injury deliberately, but later confessed to the crime. According to her, the victim hit his head on the chair and started to cry. Because of this, the girl panicked, and several times stepped on the child that he ceased to make noise.

On Monday, the district judge ordered to keep the suspect in custody, setting bail at $50 thousand, She was charged with premeditated murder 1st degree. Police are now investigating, trying to find the truth in the tragic story.

The laws of Wisconsin require that such crimes suspect was treated as an adult. Over time, however, the process can go to the court dealing with minors. Now the girl is detained in a special detention centre.


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