20-year-old hero rescued more than 30 people during a shooting at a bar in California (photo)

More than 30 lives saved fearless guy during the shooting, which occurred late in the evening of November 7 at the bar Borderline Bar & Grill in the town of Thousand Oaks, 40 miles West of Los Angeles.

We will remind, in the shooting death of 11 visitors institution, Deputy, and the shooter.

According to 20-year-old Matt Wennerstromnear the bar, at first the fire was opened on it. Hearing gunshots, the guy immediately realized what was happening.

«I was grabbing people and pushing them under the bar. When the shots were on a break, I broke the window with a chair and just “threw” people through it. I started to help. We pulled as much as he could,» said Matt.

Matt Wennerstrom, 20, took over carrying someone who had been shot. He has blood on his t shirt. He tried to get as many people as he could out of the bar. #ThousandOaksShooting pic.twitter.com/LVZkftr8db

— Buck Mejia (@brittny_mejia) November 8, 2018

According to the Borderline Bar & Grill, during the shooting in the bar and a large dance floor was a hundred people. This place is very popular among students.

According to the Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean, the identity of the shooter and his motives are. It is also not yet known exactly how the gunman died, and whether the incident a terrorist attack.

It’s a lot of young people here. Everyone is trying to figure out who is safe. Not a lot confirmed yet, a press conference will be live streamed here via periscope when it happens (hopefully 15 mins) pic.twitter.com/K5Zlf4e1TZ

— Jeremy Childs (@Jeremy_Childs) November 8, 2018

According to Matt Wennerstrom, the offender was black, and Taylor von Molt, who was on the eve of the shooting on the dance floor, says that this man was in a long black coat, sunglasses, and the lower part of his face covered the handkerchief. At first the girl thought that the bar burst balloons, and only later realized that it sounds.

Police said they fired about 30 shots.

According to preliminary information, before opening fire, the shooter left in a bar a smoke bomb.


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  1. Well done, Matthew Craig Wennerstrom! He is of Swedish, Finnish, Sami, and Polish origin. Samis do not like being called Lapps. Well for Pete’s sake, get the Carnegie Hero award for Matt!

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