The mysterious death of a missing ballerina: girl’s body found in lake (photo)

The body of 23-year-old ballerina of Raffaelli of Stroik from St. Louis (Missouri) discovered on Wednesday morning, November 14, in the lake on site Mark Twain State Park.

It is a sparsely populated area, most of which is a Park with a big lake.

The authorities found close to a boat dock and the car of the girl that was locked. The circumstances connected with the death of Raffaelle of Stroik, remain unclear.

The mysterious death of a missing ballerina: girl’s body found in lake (photo)Lake in the Mark Twain State Park from a bird’s flight.
Source: Wikimedia/CC

It started with the finding of the car – a black Volkswagen Jetta. Representatives of the highway patrol Missouri ran the license plate and found out that the car belongs to the Stroik. The girl was declared wanted, when it turned out that the day she came home and wasn’t answering her phone, which had, according to her parents, never was.

About 100 people, including volunteers from among relatives of the ballerina and her colleagues from the ballet St. Louis, helped police in the search.

On Wednesday morning, the helicopter pilot informed the authorities that he had noticed something in the lake like a man.

The girl’s body was found on the opposite (from where she left the car) the waterfront.

Sergeant highway patrol Eric brown, speaking at a press conference, couldn’t comment died if the girl before she hit the lake, or drowned. But brown noted that the body had visible marks of violent death. The exact cause of death of a ballerina will be determined by the forensic examination, the investigation is ongoing.

It is known that the last time the Raffaella seen in the supermarket Whole Foods in the suburbs of St. Louis — 115 miles from where they found her car.

As told by Duncan Stroik, the girl’s father, he talked with her on weekends and she didn’t seem depressed or upset. The family did not know that her daughter went to the lake in Mark Twain State Park.

Of Raffaella Stroik, who was born in Indiana, joined the ballet of St. Louis in 2017. It was a very promising ballet dancer in his native Indiana girl danced leading roles in «Giselle», «Swan lake».

Militiamen ask all who has information about the incident, report number: 660-385-2132.

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