Daughter asked boyfriend to kill the mother, forcing her entire life pretending to be terminally ill

Thursday, 15 November, the 26-year-old Gypsy rose Blanchard of Missouri told the courtroom of how she planned the murder of his mother, who for many years tried to convince people that her daughter was very ill and confined to a wheelchair.

This week began the trial against former boyfriend, Gypsy 29-year-old Nicholas Hodegon, whom they had met on a Dating site ChristianDatingForFree.com in 2012.

Prosecutors alleged that in June 2015 the guy made 17 fatal stab wounds times Clodine Dee Dee Blanchard at her home in Springfield.

On Friday, November 16, he was convicted of the murder of a woman. The court sentenced Nicholas to life in prison without the possibility of parole or probation. But lawyers Nicholas argued that their client could not organize the attack, because he is autistic.

Gypsy Blanchard testifies about mom’s murder in ‘Mommy Dearest Dead and’ trial https://t.co/mJTrVHBe6s pic.twitter.com/rb0jK1eQjn

— New York Post (@nypost) November 16, 2018

His ex-lover Gypsy, who is already serving a 10-year sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, confirmed the words of the lawyers. During the trial, the girl said it to her and not to Nicholas, came up with the idea to kill her mother.

«I talked to him about it,» she said to the court, justifying that it was the only way to get rid of bullying from the mother.

Gypsy also admitted that two weeks before the planned murder, he changed his mind, because «beginning to doubt [and] rethink» his decision. But a few days later he and his mother quarreled, and she was determined that she should die. Then she told Nicholas to go from Wisconsin to Missouri to kill her mother.

After a crime has been committed, Gypsy wrote on their joint mother page on Facebook: «the bitch is dead!»

That Bitch is dead!

Posted by Dee Gyp Blancharde on Sunday, June 14, 2015

The pair stole money from a dead woman. After a few days they were arrested in Wisconsin in the house of Nicholas.

According to the correspondence of two lovers, they planned to start a new life and wanted to have a child.

Why mom forced daughter to pretend to be disabled?

In 2017 in the U.S. went out the HBO documentary about this story called «the Dead and Mommy Dearest». In this Gypsy told me that mother always want to protect her, but until that time, the girl herself didn’t realize it.

«You live and not realize that you are being abused,» — said the Gypsy, during an interview for the film.

Part of #GypsyBlanchard»s medicine closet where her mother #DeeDeeBlanchard kept her medications #NicholasGodejohn pic.twitter.com/6lYbQaefSy

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«Part of the medicine Cabinet where his mother Dee Dee Blanchett kept drugs.»

As reported by the girl, her mother, tried to convince neighbors, friends and doctors that my child has many different diseases, including asthma, epilepsy, leukemia, hearing impairment, impaired vision, indigestion, paralysis of the lower limbs and mental retardation.

According to Gypsy, she believed the mother and thought that suffer cancer and other deadly diseases. She also claimed that Dee Dee was repeatedly beaten her.

«I was afraid she’d feared more than anyone else,» — said Gypsy in court.

#GodejohnTrial — Waiting for Gypsy Blanchard to be brought in. Gypsy and Nicolas Godejohn both charged with the murder of Gypsy’s mother Dee Dee Blanchard. Gypsy pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder and is serving a 10 yr sentence pic.twitter.com/pNGqzNcH9q

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Doctors say that Dee Dee Blanchard suffered delegated Munchausen is a mental disorder, in which parents come up with the symptoms for their children or causes real symptoms to their child seemed ill or vulnerable. Often this disease is very difficult to recognize, and if it can be done, then these parents never admit that cause harm to your child and refuse any treatment.

Now Gypsy, while in prison, she complains about the conditions, stressing that to live here is much better than with my birth mother.