Fires in California: 71 victim, more than a thousand – have gone missing

At the moment there are about 71 dead, but in reality, victims may be much higher. Authorities in California created a list where the names of more than 1 million people missing.

On Friday, November 16, rescuers found eight more bodies, bringing the death toll has reached 71. The number of people missing also rose, according to on Thursday night they were 631 people, and on Friday there were about 1011 years.

But, according to the Sheriff Cory Honea, this list should not be trusted, because it can contain duplicate or misspelled names. He also added that the reports referred to those who left the danger zone, but their relatives believe that they are missing.

Virtually nothing is left of Paradise, California. The Camp Fire is the most destructive wildfire in state history and is also the deadliest. The death toll is at 63 and at least 631 persons are still missing.
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— WIRED (@WIRED) October 17, 2018

«I want you to realize, – said Honey that many people were displaced, and we believe that most don’t know what we’re looking for.»

County Sherrif’s office butt has published a list on its website. Authorities are asking those who found their name or the name of loved ones who are safe, call the Sheriff’s office.

The number of people listed as missing in a devastating northern California wildfire soared past 1,000 as the remains of eight additional victims were found by rescuers

— AFP news agency (@AFP) November 17, 2018

Today, November 17, President Donald trump should come to the disaster zone where there was the most deadly forest fire of the United States for a century. Earlier, the us leader was dissatisfied with the work of firefighters, before accusing the forest Department of the state in the scale of the tragedy. But some survivors were outraged because of his statements.

Drone footage shows the devastation left by the wildfire in California, where more than 630 people remain unaccounted for

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«If you insult people, then do you think you will take during your visit? You will have the solemn meeting,» said PIX11 Maggie Crowder of Magalie.

But Stacy Lazzarino voting for trump, believes that the President should see all the destruction near: «I think, perhaps then he will think: «Oh my God» and it can open people’s eyes [to the incident]».

Nick Shawki, the captain of the fire Department of California, said that the tweets of President, in which he accuses forest management, based on a «misunderstanding».

Governor Jerry brown and the Governor-elect Gavin Newsom , both Democrats and critics of trump confirmed that will accompany the President during his visit.

Camp Fire is considered the most deadly and the most destructive forest fire in state history – he killed about 9 700 homes and spread to 146,000 acres (590 square km). At the moment, managed to keep 50% of the fire.