In Alabama, shopping center, police shot and killed the criminal instead of the innocent

Thursday, November 22, at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover (al) police was shot not the shooter, as it was announced immediately, and have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, 21-year-old African American Amanian Bradford, reports the Washington Post. On that fateful evening, the guy had a weapon, which, as it turned out, he had a license.

Initially, law enforcement authorities reported that eliminated the arrow — photo of Bradford have shown in all media and on TV. In a statement, police claimed that the officers «confronted with the suspect, waving his gun, shot him.» The police who killed the guy, the mayor of Hoover in the same evening called heroes. The local chief of police Nick Derzis also happy the «successful» work of subordinates: «Thank God our officers were nearby. They heard the shooting, took the object into the work and eliminated a threat.»

It was said that it all started with an altercation between 18-year-old boy and Bradford. Then shots rang out: a teenager was seriously injured (now in hospital in serious condition), a stray bullet also grazed a 12-year-old girl.

What police first described as an argument between 2 young people that escalated into a shooting, turned out to be something else. Now it is reported that the clash involved more than 2 people. It is not clear what role the incident played in Bradford, but the shooting did not open it.

«New evidence suggests that although Mr. Bradford, may have been involved in some way in the fight, not likely he shot 18-year-old victim,» — said in a press release that the police Department Hoover published on Friday evening. At the same time announced that the case will be investigated on the state level.

«We regret that our initial statement to the media was not quite accurate; the new evidence suggests that it was not so, — said in a press release. — This information indicates that at least one shooter is still at large.»

Who was shot by police?

Amanian Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr., lived near Birmingham, a few miles from Riverchase Galleria.

Relatives and friends of Bradford and the family lawyer, hired after the shooting, stated that he served in the U.S. army and in August was released to the citizen. In social networks there are photos in which a young man in a military uniform. The representative of the US army, however, told the Washington Post that Bradford «did not pass additional training (advanced individual training — AIT. —», not adding any further details.

All who knew the dead man, saying that he was a «nice guy» and convinced that he could not hold the fire. According to them, the more likely that Amanian tried to protect the people in the Mall.

«He was supermini, funny, kind and sympathetic person who never anybody said bad words,» recalls a former teacher of Bradford’s Catholic High School Carl Dean.

It is understandable that the relatives and friends of Bradford’t just stunned by what happened — they want justice.

My God. American police just killed another «good guy with a gun.»Emantic Bradford Fitzgerald Jr., better known as…

Posted by Shaun King on Saturday, November 24, 2018

«Oh, God! American police killed a «good guy with a gun». Amanian Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr., better known as EJ, the son of a policeman who was in the military. Yesterday killed by the police in the Mall in Alabama. Not only that, Hoover police killed EJ, within 24 hours they showed his face all over the news, claiming he’s the shooter. They organized a press conference where he said that killed the shooter, showed his pictures and then said that society is safe. SHOOTER ON THE LOOSE! Family and friends EJ came to me this morning. They don’t just devastated, they’re pissed. The police and the local media have publicly accused him in the shooting in the Mall. He never fired a shot. After police shot EJ, he was still alive, tried to fight for life. Family and friends sent me a horrific video of the police, who not only refused to give him first aid in the struggle for life, but literally insulted him, thinking he made a fire in the center. It was so cold. EJ loved everywhere in Birmingham. This morning I heard from neighbors, friends, even his teachers from elementary and high school who LOVED this man. Safely served in the army, and then was shot dead by us police in Alabama on the eve of thanksgiving.»

On Saturday near Riverchase Galleria gathered a group of protesters unfurling a large banner reading: «No to violence by the police!»