The people of new York are freezing in apartments, the city’s Comptroller, filed on NYCHA to court

City Comptroller Scott stringer on Saturday, November 24, announced the impending lawsuits against N. Y. C. Housing Authority (NYCHA). During the year the stringer is not received from the Housing authorities of new York no report on the condition of heating systems and now accuses him of obstruction of their audit.

Residents of the Grant Houses in Morningside Heights here say they’ve been without heat and hot water for five days. @NYCComptroller is ready to take NYCHA to court, alleging it has slow walked his audit into last winter’s problems @wcbs880

— Steve Burns (@StvBurns) November 24, 2018

Another scandal erupted on Friday after 11 thousand residents of the houses administered by NYCHA, were left without heat the whole Day of thanksgiving. As noted by Donald trump, it was the coldest thanksgiving in 100 years.

Too many struggle too hard and too often government is failing them. These families & children deserve better — failure cannot be an option.

— Marc Molinaro (@marcmolinaro) November 24, 2018

And this is not an isolated case. Off the heat, indelible stain on the reputation of NYCHA. After last winter, hundreds of thousands of new Yorkers for two days remained without heating, the city controller has asked the management management complete information on the state of Affairs in heat supply systems. However, NYCHA did not provide. So, he has something to hide from the city and tenants, I am sure Scott stringer.

Last winter when over 80% of NYCHA residents went without heat for an avg of 48 hours, we launched an audit to get to the bottom of NYCHA’s heat & hot water disaster.

But the response from NYCHA has largely been radio silence. Now we’re issuing our second subpoena for information.

— Scott M. Stringer (@NYCComptroller) November 24, 2018

«Last winter, when more than 80% of the residents [of the conduct] NYCHA, were left without heat for 48 hours, we began an audit to establish the causes of the accident with hot water in NYCHA. However, NYCHA was mostly silent. Now, we tell about the second subpoena for information,» wrote city controller in Twitter.

In turn a press-the Secretary of NYCHA Robin Levin, speaking to reporters, denied the charges of obstructing the audit of heating systems and assured that the Housing authority of new York and fully cooperates with the inspectors. Answering questions about shortages of heating in these festivals, Levin assured that the average recovery time of heating was 13 hours of receipt of the complaint.

«Although it was difficult, but the disruption was less than last year, and the repair was done a few hours faster, — said the representative of the NYCHA. — We work hard to help tenants [us managed houses]».