A serial killer confessed to the massacre of 90 victims — and he got away with it

The FBI believes that a convicted 78-year-old Samuel little may be one of the most «prolific» serial killer in U.S. history.

The police arrested the criminal in 2012 in a homeless shelter. After a two-year trial little was convicted of killing three women and sentenced to three life sentences without the possibility of parole. Before behind the killer was already considerable list of crimes, including rape and armed robbery.

But the investigators are convinced that it is only a small part of what actually could have done a brutal serial killer. According to the FBI, little confessed to killing 90 people across the United States – from California to Maryland.

Now agents are trying to match his confession with the death of a dozen women across the country from 1970 to 2005. Team ViCap (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program — program of prevention of violent crimes) stated that they have already made contact with little’s 34 deaths. Many are still awaiting confirmation, and the exact number of victims remains unconfirmed.

According to district attorney Bobby Bland, if little’s stunning confession proves true, it will be the most «prolific» serial killer in U.S. history.

James Holland — one of the Rangers from Odessa (Texas), where he investigated an unsolved murder of a woman named Denise Christie brothers went to California with members of the ViCAP team to question a little.

«In may, during interrogation he told Ranger Holland about the number of people killed in each place. Jackson (Mississippi) — one, Cincinnati (Ohio) — one, Phoenix (Arizona) — three, Las Vegas (Nevada) — one,» said crime analyst ViCAP Christine Palazzolo.

As it happened, all these killings (if the involvement little will be proved) went to a criminal? The answer is simple: his victims were women who engaged in prostitution or were dependent on drugs. Their bodies were often left unidentified, and their murders were not investigated.

MORE: Samuel Little has told investigators he may have committed as many as 90 murders; authorities have evidence of his ties to 34 so far, the FBI said. https://t.co/8dbkD9mYRP pic.twitter.com/7DJjCtMEh3

— ABC News (@ABC) November 28, 2018

«Many of these deaths were not classified as murder, they were classified as overdoses and accidents,» reads the FBI report.

Currently little is feeling very bad, and Holland conducts daily interviews to obtain the most accurate and complete picture of his confessions.