Wanted criminals who have committed 3 weeks 13 armed robberies

In November in Los Angeles and CULVER city was committed 13 armed robberies. Los Angeles Police Department suspects that all these crimes were committed by Dijon Cooper (left) and Nai Li (right).

Armed Robberies in LA & Culver City

There’s been a series of armed robberies in LA & Culver City. Detectives have identified the two males as persons of interest. Dijon Cooper (left) and Lee sun (right). Any info contact Robbery-Homicide Division (213) 486-6840. pic.twitter.com/iX0SE51g0x

— LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) December 2, 2018

Cooper 21, Naya — 31. At least one of them armed. Saw them on a white Toyota Camry with paper plates and says «Glendale». 6 through November 30, the criminal Duo to commit robbery on the streets of Los Angeles, as well as in the villages of Baldwin, Crenshaw and mid-city. Threatening with a gun, the boys were taken from passers-by jewelry, money, phones.

There is no reason to believe that the robbery was planned and that victims wylegiwalismy. Apparently, these two were attacked at random, spotted more or less secured and defenseless man. Although it is possible that they have accomplices.

Detectives recommend when meeting with the suspects to behave prudently, not to engage in contact with them and immediately call (213) 486-6840 in homicide Los Angeles.