Accident and stabbing at the funeral in Brooklyn. Two injured, three arrested

In Brooklyn during the funeral in the mosque scuffle. Van courier delivery Fed Ex entered the group farewell, causing injuries to one of the participants of the funeral. The mourners attacked the messengers, and those who grabbed the knife, who is for a fire extinguisher… Just arrived the police stopped the fight and did not let happen the tragedy.

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— 馆长 (@kos_44444) December 3, 2018

In Brooklyn at the Islamic center of Beit El Makdis on Sixth Avenue in sunset Park at about 12:40 courier Fed Ex vehicle struck one of the people gathered at the funeral. The victim received injuries. His companions, insulted the incident attacked the car and tried to pull out from salon of the driver and courier.

As representatives of the NYPD to journalists, one of the employees of Fed Ex, frightened, pulled out a knife and wounded one of the attackers in the arm. The second employee of the courier company knocked another assailant with a fire extinguisher. Good quite quickly there arrived the police, which did not allow the conflict to escalate into something more dangerous. Pricescanadian both citizens, was riding in the car, Fed Ex and one of the attacking party, a funeral, according to some the nephew of the deceased. The Fed Ex vehicle was damaged.

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— David Schantz (@DavidSchantz) December 3, 2018

The police have not yet disclose the names of the detainees and does not speak clearly about the causes of the accident. However, presumably we are not talking about the deliberate crime or terrorist act. Apparently, hurrying the driver of the courier is unable to pass accurately down the street, accidentally hitting one of the mourners, and then did the trick emotions. Emotions could be associated with a recent incident in the same mosque when 10 Nov in the evening the unknown, caught on video surveillance cameras, smashed with a hammer here Windows.