The enraged man attacked the bus MTA

Ticketless passengers and considerable costs to update all elements of the transport network is not the only problem the MTA. Some customers instead of simply to use the services of buses to vent their aggression, effectively killing the existing bus fleet.

Right in the middle of the roadway on one of the streets of Manhattan on Tuesday evening, the passenger, who was not allowed on the bus, ran into the road and began hitting the windshield with his fists, breaking and shattering a mirror and wipers, foul language addressed to the driver.

A video that managed to record the witness of the incident on a mobile phone showed that the man had blocked the bus on the street, demanding that all passengers have left the bus and threatening to further impede the movement of the vehicle.

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The bus driver remained inside, but was forced to call for help, including bus sign «Emergency call police».

The official representative of the MTA stated that the bully eventually broke both mirrors and both window wiper, smashed the Windows on several doors. Before the police arrived, the assailant fled the scene. At this time the bus had three passengers, fortunately no one was hurt. They were transferred to another bus so they could continue the trip.

It seems incredible, but the witness saw attacks on other MTA buses in the area at about the same time.

At the moment, the cameras that are on the MTA bus, allow the police Department to work to find the assailant.

«We do not tolerate any behavior that threatens the safety of our employees and customers, said in an interview with the President of NYC Transit Andy Bayfront. — We are very serious about this issue and are working with the NYPD to find this man and bring him to justice.»