5 days in an abandoned mine: how did you manage to survive 3 lost friends

In West Virginia saved 3 people that last Saturday, December 8, went missing in an abandoned coal mine.

Saved admit: they got the most important lesson in my life. «I just want to thank everyone who participated in the search. This story is great, though a harsh lesson for me,» — said in an interview with ABC News, 21-year-old Cody Beverly.

Beverly and 2 of his friends 25 — year-old Kyle Williams and 31-year-old Eric Tredwell — found on Wednesday evening, December 12. According to authorities, a curious trio climbed into an abandoned mine in Clear Creek, about 30 miles Southeast of Charleston, on Saturday night. Local residents noticed at the entrance to their mine ATV. So it became clear that the earth lost people, but first there was information that there’s four of them.

All three were taken to the hospital, but, according to doctors, their life out of danger.

When Cody Beverly asked how they managed to survive, he said they were drinking water that was found in an abandoned mine.

«Food we had. We found a Creek in mine and drank from it, hoping that the water is not dirty. Several times, of course, we had a panic attack, but we prayed and never lost hope.»

Emotional moment as three people rescued after being trapped in a West Virginia coal mine for four days are reunited with family members.

«It’s a Christmas blessing, that’s all there is to it,» West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice told reporters. https://t.co/2gmLM4U9Vy pic.twitter.com/r1Q5WMo2o1

— ABC News (@ABC) December 13, 2018

The Governor of West Virginia, Jim justice urged state residents to avoid abandoned mines. «You even can’t imagine how dangerous they are,» said the justice.

According to the father of Kayla Williams, friends went down into the mine to find copper.

«A couple of years ago it cost up to $4 a pound, said Randy Williams. — You could go into the mine and to one day earn up to $1000».