A passenger on a new York subway raped right in the car when she fell asleep

Police said that on Wednesday, December 12, the sleeping passenger of the new York subway was raped by an unknown man.

Reported that 25-year-old passenger, riding in the subway in Brooklyn (F train) on Wednesday afternoon. At some point she dozed off and at around 12:30 woke up from being raped by a man. The victim got off the train at the station I Avenue near McDonald Avenue in Midwood, where he was her attacker. According to police, the woman was taken to a nearby hospital, where he immediately held the appropriate procedure to confirm the fact of rape.

About the rape the woman told police around 2 PM. NYPD»s Special Victims Division is currently conducting an investigation into the incident. The man’s attacker is still at large.

Statistics NYPD shows the increase of crime trips by 2.5% and increase by 22.6% of rape cases throughout the city compared to last year. Some passengers say they did not notice the growth of crime in transport, while others believe that the situation requires more police presence.