In new York, the passengers beat the bus driver refused to take him for free

In Queens enraged passenger beat the driver of the bus Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) that refused to take it for free.

According to the Department of the NYPD, the incident occurred late in the evening of December 14 at the corner of Merrick Boulevard and 220th Street. Then the man, whose identity is established, several times hit a 32-year-old driver in the face, and then fled North on Merrick Boulevard.

The victim was taken to the hospital. NYPD asks for help in apprehending aggressive «hare.»

The last time the guy was seen in a red hoodie, blue sweat pants with white stripes and white sneakers. According to eyewitnesses, about 20 years, and an increase of about 182-183 cm

Brute pummels the MTA bus driver who refused to give him free ride

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The police asks everyone who has any information about Saturday’s incident to call the tip line Crime Stoppers by phone 1-800-577-TIPS, leave a message on the website or send an SMS to the number 274637.

The attack on an MTA employee is a criminal offense of class D, so the attacker can be jailed for up to seven years if found guilty.

But in order not to spoil your Christmas eve, we have a positive story that happened in October. The driver of a Milwaukee County (Wi), Natalie Barnes proposed homeless named Richard food and helped him find a place to sleep after he admitted about his poor status.

«I am now officially homeless,» complained Richard, entered the bus. He told Barnes that the house in which he lived was confiscated by the court, so it is a week wandering the city and sleeping on the street.

This bus driver didn’t skip a beat when a homeless man stepped on her bus during a cold night, offering him food and helping him find a place to stay. Now she’s being honored for it.

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Upon hearing this, Barnes kept his head and suggested all that time she had: the warmth of her bus and some food. So the homeless guy spent 6 hours until the woman turned the steering wheel. And after her shift she called a friend and took Richard to a shelter, where he helped to find permanent housing.

«At some point in our lives all need help, — said Barnes. — He thanks me every time when talking to me. He calls me his little angel».