A fan of Hitler from Arizona sent a man for 500 SMS per day, some with threats

31-year-old Jacqueline Ades, residing in Arizona, sent 159 million messages a man only once been on a date. The police reported that sometimes young people were receiving more than 500 text messages a day, many contained threats.

«I would have made sushi out of your kidneys, and chopsticks would be your bones,» — said one of them.

In another message wrote that he considered Hitler a «genius», calling the young man «rotten dirty Jew.»

Jacqueline met with the victim who chose to hide my name online: they met only once. The man probably haven’t thought about a bad date, until he noticed Ades parked near his home machine. Frightened, he called the police.

At about this time Jacqueline began to throw its messages, although the man told her that he did not wish to communicate.

It lasted 10 months, until April 2018 Ades did not break into the house of the victim at the time when he was outside the United States. With the help of surveillance cameras, which transmit data on its laptop online, the man saw Ades enters the house and immediately informed the police.

On arrival, the Paradise valley police arrested Jacqueline for trespassing. At the time of detention she was taking a bath in victim’s house. After she missed several court hearings, the woman was sent to jail without opportunity to make bail.

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Ades does not consider himself guilty and says he was just in love. «I felt I had met my soul mate,’ said Jacqueline reporters. — I thought we’ll just do the same as everybody else, get married, and all will be well. But it didn’t happen».

The court on its business will take place on 5 February.