The IRS will pay the tax reimbursement during the shutdown

Acting Director of management and budget in the White house Russell VOUT issued a clarification to reporters, describing how the IRS works in the period of the shutdown. Now in service only every eighth employee, but the tax period starting in period on 28 January.

The IRS will pay the tax reimbursement during the shutdown

But the main news, which many will relate personally, was the announcement that in the period of the shutdown the IRS will pay the tax reimbursement. Vice-President Mike Pence added that the White house will try to do everything possible to soften the blow for US citizens from the shutdown. Because for most who are hoping for these compensation is critical to them in the beginning of the year. Often these payments are budgeted to pay debt or expensive purchases.

Many believed that the IRS will be forced to refuse to pay and then tens of millions of Americans will take the shutdown is much closer to the heart and are involved in a dispute between trump and the Democrats from behind the Wall, which led to the closure of the government. Earlier the suspension of payments tax refunds during the shutdown was considered a rule. But White house officials said discussed it with the Finance Ministry and came to the conclusion that this work can be done.

«We are committed to ensuring that taxpayers receive a refund regardless of government shutdown, said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. — I appreciate the hard work of our employees and their commitment to the taxpayers in this period.»

It is worth noting that employees are forced to work, staying in the uncertainty about his own salary, and in a limited state.