In new Jersey people picketed the police station because of the mysterious death of African American

The police Department of Paterson (Paterson Police Department – PPD) has faced a wave of criticism after the mysterious death of 27-year-old African American.

The man, being in an inadequate state, went to the police station and included an online broadcast on the social network Facebook. He said that the officers want to kill him and could not explain what was going on.

It seemed, in reality it threatens nothing, but after a while it became known that shortly after the end of the broadcast the man was taken to the hospital with signs of beating, where he in a few days died.

This angered the African Americans living in the city, which on Tuesday came to protest at a police station. People believe that the police just killed a man and hide this fact.

As representatives of the PPD, the incident occurred on Saturday, January 5. Around 2:45 a.m. local time, 27-year-old Dzhamik Lowry called 911. The man reported that he had taken ecstasy and he had an attack of paranoia. This challenge was responded to by the EMS crew that delivered inadequate patient to the hospital. However in medical institution the man started to brawl and soon ran out.

At 3:40 am Lowry again called 911 and stated that tried to kill him on the corner of Broadway and Memorial Drive. Immediately afterwards, a man went to the police station Paterson, who was nearby.

In new Jersey people picketed the police station because of the mysterious death of African AmericanOn Tuesday, people came to the rally, demanding that the police «told the truth». Photo: Youtube

Once inside, Lowry continued to behave inappropriately. He turned on the online stream in Facebook and began to assert that the police are going to shoot him. From time to time the man asked for water and said he was just being paranoid.

«Please don’t shoot me! The officer at the wall I see You, he’s trying to kill me. Somebody help! I said I need help, need help… go to the hospital.. someone is trying to kill me,» said the inadequate customer.

The video shows: the man stands near police officers who speak with him. After the militiamen assured Lowery that the ambulance is on the way, he experienced another bout of paranoia. The guy said it was in the car by EMS and kill him.

Further, the record is dropped, and the subsequent events are shrouded in mystery. It is known that soon excited the man was taken to the hospital, and on Monday the doctors declared him dead. What was the cause of death Jamica Lowry, police said.

At the same time, PPD confirmed for the detention of the suspect, the officers used force. However, police claim that serious injury, Lowry has not received during its neutralization.

According to relatives of the deceased men, the police deceives people. The family said that on the face of Lowry, they noticed the marks of numerous beatings, and numerous abrasions. Brother of the deceased also reports of a broken jaw and eye injuries from Jamica. This provoked a spontaneous protest under the walls of the Paterson Police Department.

On Tuesday, people came to the rally, demanding that the police «told the truth». According to the protesters, militiamen severely beat Lowry, for which he received a fatal injury.

The leadership of the PPD reported that at the moment the investigation is underway, and all officers involved in the arrest, inadequate men, placed on administrative leave.