Video where the woman on the electric skateboard is dragging the dog, helped to open a case about the mockery of animals

The Internet community was shocked by a video in which a resident of Bakersfield (CA) on the electric skateboard pulling dog. Already filed a criminal case about the mockery of animals.

These videos posted to Facebook witness to the incident, James Dowell. They shared for about 3 thousand users. Another witness, Brandon Sanders, published in the social network angry post, which described the incident.

Sunday afternoon Brandon and his girlfriend saw during the Cycling woman on the electric skateboard. She was driving at a speed of about 24 km per hour, dragging on a leash a small dog. At first the man thought it was a stuffed animal or toy, but then I realized that the dog is alive. He began to shout after the woman, but she didn’t hear.

When the owner of the animal finally stopped, Sanders came to check up on whether the poor animal, and the reply was deadpan: «Well, it happens!» Startled, he took a picture of a woman with a bloody dog in her arms. Sanders is not sure that the owner purposely abused pet, because was calm and was even smiling in the picture. But still such a negligent attitude towards a living creature it struck. The man distributed the photos on social media and addressed them to the police.

Latest Update 6:45PM — The dog has been picked up by Animal Control Services and has received medical attention and is…

Posted by Brandon Sanders on Sunday, January 6, 2019

The defendant hired a lawyer and agreed to cooperate with the police. Her name was not disclosed. Now a dog named Zebra is in the Service of animal control. She was provided medical assistance, and I hope she’s better soon.

Mr. Dowell denied access to the rollers on other sites, but they can still be viewed on his page in Facebook. Warning: video not for the faint of heart.