TV host Jimmy Kimmel suggested that civil servants work on his show during the shutdown

The government does not work for the 20th day. The uncertain political situation disturbs not only Federal employees affected by the shutdown, but and simply not indifferent people, including celebrities, who don’t want to stay on the sidelines.

Popular American comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who does not hide his negative attitude to the President Trump, promised every day to invite one person, gone to a leave of absence to work in a late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, while the situation in the country is not settled.

«It is unfortunate that these people, these servants who have no relationship to this ridiculous wall, not get paid, especially in post-holiday time. I want to contribute,» said the presenter at the beginning of the program and presented its first temporary employee — John Kostelnyk — the warden of the Federal prison in Victorville (CA), who also heads the trade Union of workers of the penitentiary institution.

«You want to use you as pawns in this battle for the wall?» — Kimmel asked his companion. «Absolutely,» the man replied.

When the host asked, would the Kostelnyk and his colleagues «in the end» salary, he said, «We hope so».

Then Kostelnyk took a tambourine and joined the band, providing musical accompaniment of the show.

«You have fun up there. Knock yourself out, ‘ said Kimmel after him. This is called problem solving, friends.»

On Tuesday, January 8, the show was visited by a firefighter from the U.S. Forest service mark Munoz.

«Today, the 18th day of the shutdown. At the moment he is the second longest in history. Trump claims that, if necessary, it will extend the shutdown for many years until I get this wall. As a result of the hostage-taking, about 800 thousand civil servants the third week do not get paid,» said Kimmel, before presenting Muniesa.

According to the firefighter, his last paycheck he got last week, and now is forced to work without pay.

Yesterday, January 9, representative Jimmy Kimmel Live told ITK that the producers of the show work with a variety of sources, including social networks, in search of civil servants affected by the shutdown.

«Everyone who has registered to participate in the show, receive a salary,» — said the spokesman.

Recall, the government partially closed on December 22 because the Senate and the White house has not reached consensus in the issue of the budget for the next fiscal year. President trump demanded that the Congress has appropriated more than $ billion to Finance the wall on the border of USA and Mexico, but the representatives of the democratic forces strongly opposed the expenditure on this venture.

At yesterday’s meeting, trump also could not agree with democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on the construction of the wall.